Encounter of WA-0555

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Description: Augusta, WA
Location ID: WA-Augusta-Whale Memorial
Country : Australia
Water depth: Unknown

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Identified as: WA-0555

Matched by: Unknown


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 Occurrence ID: 5a8756e6-a076-4025-95de-e00c27d0d37a

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Michelle Peak


Michelle Peak


Number: f118d320-fe3e-435e-8a0b-d733d6ac78ab

Date created:2021-04-05T08:05:33.759
Date last edited:  2021-04-05

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2021-04-05 13:35
Verbatim Event Date: None

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Taxonomy Phyllopteryx taeniolatus 

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Status: alive

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Sex: unknown

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Behavior:  None

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Additional comments:
This dragon is in the same area that all of my other dragon encounters have been. This is the first dragon that I have seen since earlier this year- I think it was mid to late January.
I think that it may be a new dragon- it seems slightly smaller than the other dragons were.
I'm not sure if the following factors have contributed to the recent disappearance of the dragons:
We had about 4 months of very strong south easterly winds. This creates waves/surge/ at this seadragon location.
We had a record number of toxic sea hares washing up in the ocean and the river this year.
We had more of the "sawdust algae" in the water that any of the locals ever remember seeing.
Last year, there weren't so many people in the water due to COVID travel restrictions. This year not many people were in the water due to the conditions, sea hares, algae and stingers, so I don't think that human pressure caused them to leave.

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